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Special Products

Type of Products

Visaf specialises in the production of metric reduced head screws, that are above all used in the electrical industry; we also produce other types of screws, above all with metric and self-tapping threading.

cylindrical head screws iron screws
stainless steel screws button screws
round screws half round screws
flat countersunk screws raised head screws with different types of slot head
thread locking screws cross-head screws
pozidriv torx


Visaf products are widely used not only in the electrical industry, but also in the fashion industry.

Electrical Industry

clamps plugs sockets

Fashion industry

parts for bags, shoes, belts, etc.

pins studs screws



Visaf produces its own screws and small parts in the following materials:

  • steel
  • iron
  • stainless steel
  • copper
  • aluminium
  • brass
  • bronze
  • nickel silver


Our production range goes from diameters of 1.2 mm to 7 mm, with lengths up to 50 mm.


If requested, screws may be produced with the following special treatments:

Thermal treatment
Galvanized finish
white galvanizing high resistance galvanizing
black galvanizing brass plating
nickel plating copper plating
bronze plating silver plating
black nickel galvanizing transparent nickel galvanizing


Visaf produces screws and small parts, according to customer specifications.

Customised products

Visaf does not offer a range of standard products but produces screws and small parts according to customer specifications; our technicians will help you find the best fastening solution for your specific requirements.

Production flexibility

Visaf’s true strong point is its great production flexibility, with deliveries of intermediate production lots if requested by the customer, without stopping the production lines.